Brittany’s Gift to Her Husband, Jeff, in Afghanistan

Brittany & Jeff were married last March, right before, Jeff was deployed to Afghanistan. So, with their 1st Year Anniversary approaching, this is Brittany’s gift to her husband. To read their “Love Story” in full visit Brittany’s Blog:
Reel Treasures Video, along with Doreen Kline Photography, and with the help of our friends at The Strand, in Naples FL, made Brittany’s Gift a Reality. Thank you to all, especially you, “Jeff” for what you are doing for our Country! “God Bless You, and all the men & women who give of themselves for our Freedom.


2 thoughts on “Brittany’s Gift to Her Husband, Jeff, in Afghanistan

  1. Patti and Ric are a dynamic duo…They are incredibly professional, hands on and extremely creative. They created memories for me for family events that have brought both a smile and tear to my eye. They are a gifted team that really cares about what they are producing…I am really greatful for the lasting memories they have provided.

  2. Oh, the video is just so gorgeous! Jeff is in love with it and he’s been showing all his good army buddies. We’ve gotten nothing but compliments from all directions! It’s just fantastic! Thank you so much for all your hard work, Rick and Patti!

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