Modern Steps Showcase 2011, Presents “Hollywood Nights”

Wow, what fun Reel Treasures Video had filming Modern Steps “Hollywood Nights” on April 7, 2011.  Jim & Tammy Clemens opened Modern Steps in 1989, and have been operating this successful studio for over 20 years. Jim & Tammy are award-winning dance champions, as well as, dance instructors. Tammy is an outstanding coach and choreographer.  Just watch Nazar Norov and Irina Kudryashova, a husband and wife team, move. They joined Modern Dance in 2007 when they relocated to Naples from Krasnoyarsk, Russia, and are the current “US Rising Star Latin Champions.  Lisa Wilkinson brings over 25 years of dance experience to the studio, she has worked in the entertainment industry, including Fortune 500 companies across the country.  Lisa is the studio Manager, instructor, an award-winning author, poet, and playwright.  Michelle Lowry is an extremely gifted instructor and former competitor who brings fantastic sense of style and fun to her teaching and dancing. Nathan Foreman is the newest member of the Modern Dance family.  He is an awesome swing dancer and enjoys a wide variety of dances.  If you want to get out and start dancing, please contact Modern Dance Studio, you will not be disappointed, and you will truly be in great hands with this team of Professional instructors. What a fun and exciting evening it was for all the dancers, their family and friends.  Once, again, Reel Treasures Video had the opportunity to capture this years performance, and all the excitement, toe tapping, get out of your seat, evening of Dancing!  Great Job, to all!


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