Reshma & Mithun – Arrival of the Baraat – Cape Coral, Florida

In an Indian Hindu wedding it is not just about the union of the bride and groom but it also establishes the bond between two families. Indian marriage ceremonies are a colorful and joyous event, which is spread across a couple of days. One of my favorite events is the Baraat. The Baraat is a large gathering of family, friends, and relatives. The Baraat is the arrival of the groom on the day of the wedding at the wedding venue. The groom’s family members, relatives, and friends accompany him to the wedding venue in large procession. Groom’s friends and relatives are called the barati. They are welcomed and received by the bride’s family. The bride’s parents and elder members of the family welcome the groom. The mother of the bride performs the aarti when the groom enters the house. And the other member of the bride’s family welcomes the guests from the groom’s side and introduces each other. This introduction is known as the milni ceremony. The barat procession may consist of many people, both men and women. In earlier times married women were not allowed to go but now all female relatives go and even dance in the procession.


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